About Us

Who are we?

Bible Baptist Church is an independent Baptist Church, which means that we are not affiliated with nor under the authority of any denominational organization.  Instead, the King James Bible is our sole and final authority for all matters of faith and practice.  We are pastor-led because that is what the Bible teaches, we are fundamental in our doctrine because that is what the Bible calls us to.


What are you all about?

The mission of Bible Baptist Church is to cease not to teach and to preach Jesus Christ.  If I could say in two words what we are about, those words would be – Jesus Christ.  We believe that if we lift Him up in the ministries of our church and in our personal lives, that He will draw all men unto Him. We believe wherever He is allowed to have mastery, He makes whatever it is better.  We seek to magnify Him in meaningful, Biblical worship services, engaging Bible classes, passionate outreach ministries to our local community, a practical bus ministry, and mission endeavors throughout the world.


What should I expect if I visit?

First of all, you will not be alone, we are thankful that we have visitors in almost every service. We hope that you will find us to have a friendly concern for each person that comes in to worship with us.  You will be greeted promptly by one of our ushers or by our pastor and given a visitor packet.  We hope that you will fill out the visitor information card found in the packet so that we can learn your name and establish a friendly relationship with you.  You can also expect to enjoy a music ministry that doesn’t mimic the world but that magnifies God in a holy manner.  You can expect to hear fervent, practical, personal preaching that reaches the need of man from the foundation of the Bible.  You can expect to find a conservative atmosphere, we never apologize for dressing our best to meet with God, nor do we ostracize because one person’s best may not be another’s.  We hope that above all what you can expect is the spirit of Jesus Christ among us.


What do you have for my children?

While we encourage children to sit with parents in our Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services, we equally encourage parents to allow their children to go to our children’s Sunday school classes and children’s worship services on Sunday morning.  We have a trained staff of teachers and preachers that will challenge your children toward faith in Christ, toward obedience to parental authority, and toward maintaining a Christian testimony.


Are there more questions?

Feel free to explore our website to find additional information about our church, our mission statement, service times, Bible classes, our staff, or anything else.  Thanks for taking the time to look at our website, we hope to be of service to you in the future, and we hope you will come and pay us a visit soon.