Our Purpose

At Bible Baptist Church we are focused on the goal of building FAITH, FAMILY, and FRIENDS on the foundation of the BIBLE.

On the foundation of the BIBLE – In our purpose statement this phrase appears last but it is our first concern.  We believe the Bible itself is God’s word to mankind and in an effort to remain consistent with the timeless truths of the Bible we endeavor that everything we do for life and ministry have a biblical, principled basis.

Building FAITH – In order to build FAITH we first focus on being a church with evangelism of the lost as one of its primary goals.  For us this is accomplished first and foremost through personal witnessing to the lost.  We accomplish this through our personal contacts and through our church-wide visitation programs.  We also strive to be evangelistic in our regular preaching services and in our children’s ministries.  We also conduct various community outreach efforts throughout the year in which most of our church gets involved.  Through all of these outreach efforts we are attempting to introduce the lost to the only means of salvation from sin and its penalty, personal FAITH in Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.  In addition to our focus on saving FAITH, we also focus on the Christian’s life of FAITH through the preaching and teaching of the Bible, through godly example, and through numerous special events that are available for our children’s, youth, & adult ministries.

Building FAMILY – In order to build FAMILY we strive to have preaching that stresses all important roles within the family.  We uphold the Biblical ideal of marriage between a man and a woman and that God intends for there to be absolute marital fidelity within the marriage.  We believe, preach, and teach that He designed marriage to be until death.  Our services are geared toward children sitting with their parents and each member of the family growing in grace and in knowledge of their individual responsibilities within the family unit.  We attend several specific conferences each year that serve to help us understand and perform our roles as the Bible defines them.

Building FRIENDS – It is our goal as a church to provide a loving Biblical atmosphere in our services and in every aspect of our ministries.  We work to keep our personal relationships Christ-centered, edifying, & encouraging.  We consider the people that God has allowed us to serve with to be some of the greatest people on His earth.  We want to form lasting Biblical friendships that stand the test of time, that provide the encouragement, teamwork and sharpening we all need to make our lives count for God.